Election Day is almost here and I wanted to provide you with one place where you can read my candidates statements and endorsements from our neighbors in Westfield — in case you're still undecided and need a little more persuasion.

I hope I’ve demonstrated over the past year that I’ve been a capable public servant worthy of a four-year term. I humbly ask for your vote on Nov. 7. Polls are open from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m.

You can also vote early this weekend at Union County College, 1033 Springfield Avenue in Cranford. The polls are open Saturday 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. and Sunday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

If you still have a mail-in ballot, please return before Election Day to the dropbox outside the Fraser Building on North Avenue, across from Westfield Diner.

Candidate Statements

So Much to Love About Westfield

A local drone pilot recently shared aerial photos and video on social media of Westfield featuring the steeple of the Presbyterian church on Mountain Avenue. I agree with everyone who has seen the images and commented on how beautiful our town looks from the bird's eye view of a drone. But what I really love about Westfield is down at the street level.

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A Bright Future for Westfield

As you have seen over the past year, I have worked hard for Ward 1 and will continue to be there for all of the residents in Ward 1, whether you have lived here a month, five years, or your whole life, you all deserve to be represented. I am proud to serve with Mayor Brindle and council colleagues who have done so much to move Westfield forward, including 75 miles of newly paved roads – with 60 percent of the cost picked up by utilities – updated parks, a fully staffed police force and the lowest average tax rate increase – all while maintaining a healthy surplus, a triple A bond rating and continued investments in our infrastructure.

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License Plate Reader Cameras Help Reduce Auto Thefts

Stolen cars entering Westfield might as well have a license plate that reads “STOLN CAR” because that’s how obvious it is to our patrol officers. Over the past several years, the mayor and town council have invested in Flock Safety License Plate Reader (LPR) technology which, as the name suggests, can read the license plates of cars. If that stolen car crosses into Westfield, the police department will be notified in real time.

Why is this important? In most cases, when criminals come to suburbs like Westfield to prowl our neighborhoods for cars to steal, they are frequently in stolen cars. By knowing the location of a stolen car, our patrol officers are able to conduct a traffic stop, pulling the vehicle over, making arrests and thwarting the would-be car thieves.

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Focused on Public Safety, Traffic and Downtown Westfield

Over the past year, I have done my job with diligence. No matter the project, I made sure to do my own research, ask questions, and listen to residents before casting a vote. I am proud of what has been accomplished.

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Mayor Shelley Brindle

"Councilwoman Root has proven to be an independent and thoughtful council person, always showing up prepared, having done her own research, asking the right questions, and most importantly, having listened to residents. She’s committed to doing what’s right, and not necessarily what’s politically expedient."

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Councilwoman Linda Habgood

"I have had the pleasure of working with Councilwoman Emily Root for more than 18 months. She is smart, thoughtful, compassionate, dedicated and engaged, and I could not be more excited to continue working with her representing Ward 1. Unlike her challenger in the upcoming election, Councilwoman Root understands that being a member of Westfield’s Town Council is not about saying no — it's about working hard and finding ways to say 'yes!'"

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Small Downtown Business Owner Trish Dulinski

"In the year that she has been on the Town Council, Councilwoman Emily Root has been a zealous advocate for our downtown. As a champion of smart growth such as One Westfield Place, Councilwoman Root and her Town Council members have set the stage for continued prosperity of our downtown."

Longtime Resident Neil Brown

"This is both an important choice and an easy one. Important because it comes at a time when Westfield will be making critical decisions to secure its future, and easy because Councilwoman Root has already demonstrated during her council tenure that she takes the time, does the work, and takes seriously the responsibility of representing the concerns and interests of her First Ward constituents in the context of overall town governance."

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Westfield 20/20 Founder Marci Bandelli

"For me, the choice is clear this November. I’m supporting Councilwoman Root because she has demonstrated she has the honesty and integrity to lead, the willingness to listen and the capacity and drive to serve."

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Third generation Westfielder Kieran Alexandra Brown, Esq. and Jeffrey W. Flynn, CFA

"With consideration for the quality of life and varied needs of the three generations of our family who live here, we carefully evaluate the ideas, commitment and character of our community members who run for public office. Councilwoman Root’s forward-thinking ideas, her tireless devotion to the job (she is everywhere, all the time!) and her kind and cooperative spirit are remarkable. It is a privilege to be her constituent and neighbor."

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Trudy and Marty Silverman

"Since Councilwoman Root was appointed last year, she has demonstrated a keen grasp of the issues that impact the community and has exercised good judgment in every voting instance. She meticulously evaluates each proposal and considers its potential consequences, long-term effects, and alignment with Westfield’s best interests."

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