This letter is submitted with enthusiastic support for the re-election of our Westfield Ward 1 Councilwoman, Emily Root.

I grew up here in Westfield and my husband, Jeff, and I are raising our two young children here. We live just a short walk from my childhood home where my parents, now retired, still reside. With consideration for the quality of life and varied needs of the three generations of our family who live here, we carefully evaluate the ideas, commitment and character of our community members who run for public office. Councilwoman Root’s forward-thinking ideas, her tireless devotion to the job (she is everywhere, all the time!) and her kind and cooperative spirit are remarkable. It is a privilege to be her constituent and neighbor.

As an environmental and land use attorney, I have significant experience with planning, permitting and assessing the environmental impacts and community benefits of redevelopment projects. I appreciate Councilwoman Root’s responsible and informed decision-making regarding the use and improvement of our parks and public spaces and the much needed redevelopment of our downtown. While I have so many wonderful memories of the Westfield I grew up in, that yesteryear version of our town could not possibly serve the current needs of our evolving community. We trust Councilwoman Root to do the hard work and make the right decisions to address our economic, environmental and technological realities and prepare Westfield for the future, armed with real ideas and realistic goals, not just campaign platitudes.

We also commend Councilwoman Root for rising above the very distracting and divisive noise being made by some members of our community who fail to understand that promoting blatantly false information about public safety and the competence of our public servants for political purpose does not serve our community or secure our property values.

We thank Councilwoman Emily Root for her professionalism, honesty and positivity and we look forward to voting for her re-election in November.

Kieran Alexandra Brown, Esq. Jeffrey W. Flynn, CFA Westfield

Kieran Brown


Environmental Attorney; Energy Professional; Boy Mom; Common-Law Wife; Big Sister; Grateful Daughter; Animal Lover; Jersey Girl; NYGiants Fan; Proud Liberal