As a Westfield resident with a house on Dudley Avenue, I am accustomed to occasionally having more cars on my street than other areas of town. In addition to being the home of Roosevelt Intermediate School, Dudley Avenue serves as a cut through between North Avenue and Mountain Avenue. Therefore, traffic builds up during certain times of the day. 

Unfortunately, over the years speeding has become more of an issue, which is especially concerning considering the number of kids crossing the street near my house.

From my conversations with Councilwoman Emily Root, I know that she is serious about tackling traffic issues to ensure the safety of our families. I am happy to report that within a very short period after Emily was appointed as councilwoman for the First Ward, she began advocating for having more traffic speed boxes installed, including on Dudley Avenue. 

These traffic speed boxes use radar to tell drivers the speed they are traveling, alerting them if they are going too fast. Since the speed boxes have been up, I have noticed that cars are slowing down on Dudley Avenue. Bottom line: The speed boxes are yielding tangible results — there is less speeding. 

I want a councilperson who, when presented with an issue, will propose a concrete solution, and make every effort to have that solution implemented. Councilwoman Root is that person. 

The installation of more traffic speed boxes is a great example of Councilwoman Root not just “talking the talk” but “walking the walk.” 

I know that Councilwoman will continue to look for other common-sense solutions to public safety issues and will continue to be a great asset to the residents of the First Ward. 

Please vote for Councilwoman Root on November 8th! 

Bill Griffeth 


William Griffeth