It is my pleasure to endorse my friend and colleague, Emily Root, for Town Council representing Ward 1 this November. The attributes of a fellow speech language pathologist are ones that I know would be beneficial to anyone serving on our Town Council.

Speech language pathologists are compassionate. I cannot think of a more important trait to have when working with others. Whether it is with a family dealing with a new diagnosis that impairs their or a loved ones communication skills or listening to a constituent having trouble with something in their neighborhood, compassion is required to fully engage and relate to the needs at hand and form a response fitting to the situation.

Speech language pathologists are well organized. As all of our council members are volunteers and have steady day jobs, being well organized is necessary to stay on top of personal, professional and town specific needs.

Finally, speech language pathologists can think on their feet. I know from personal experience working with children, that the best-laid plans often go awry. Having a career where you often have to pivot and adjust the plan to meet the needs of a client who is having a hard day is similar to listening to and responding to a constituent in need.

If you are fortunate enough to have the opportunity to vote for Councilwoman Root, please do not hesitate. As a town, we are lucky to have her serving and running for office.

Ashley Pagelow

Ashley Pagelow


Speech Language Pathologist/Owner at Achieving Better Communication, LLC